Accuracy is the most important measurement metric, but it isn’t the only one. Efficiency and usability are almost as critical. That means having a gage that is straightforward to use by operators of all skill levels. Our MicroTIR gages are quicker to set up, easier to use than a CMM and offer higher accuracy with more reliable results.

Designed specifically for checking total indicator readings (TIR) on OD, ID and faces of cylindrical parts, the MicroTIR is focused on maximizing throughput.

The friction-free ultra-precise air-bearing rotary table provides a stable, robust, and maintenance-free reference axis with certified system accuracy better than 10 millionths of an inch (10μ” or 0.25mm).

The MicroTIR gage basic configuration includes a single, precision lever-type electronic indicator, probe fine adjust, gage stand, air-bearing rotary table with a tilt and center worktable mounted to an inspection grade granite surface plate, and MicroTIR touch screen display, all of which provide a turnkey system.

The user interface displays the results in both a traditional analog-style needle and a digital format. The maximum and minimum readings and TIR are captured removing potential operator error and user subjectivity. You can input part numbers and descriptions and your results can be saved or printed for customer verification or as a traveler for the part. For a more in-depth explanation of the display please refer to our datasheet on “MicroTIR Display package.”

This versatile system allows you to measure and verify TIR on a wide array of parts ranging from gears, pistons and jet-engine components for in-house inspection or incoming part inspections for vendor compliance.

Features and benefits

  • Air bearing rotary table providing ultra-smooth, repeatable and maintenance-free operation
  • Gage stands designed for precise, stable movement while optimizing ease of use
  • Standard tilt and center worktable to center and level parts to the bearing’s axis of rotation, reducing eccentricity
  • Easily readable 10-inch wide format color touch screen with user-friendly software
  • Network capabilities for enterprise connectivity
  • “Stackable” TIR results feature that can be combined into a single exportable report (PDF, CSV, Excel)

Options and accessories

  • Second probe and gage stand for individual or sum/differential probe display
  • Rotary encoder interface to synchronize the probe readings to the rotational position of your part
  • Precision centering fixtures, scroll chucks, custom collets and part mounting fixtures
  • Certified 2µ” master test ball and cover for system accuracy verification

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