San Felipe Springs Water Treatment Plant, based in Del Rio, Texas, is supplied by water from the nearby East and West San Felipe Springs and uses an ultrafiltration system to process the water. The facility has an incoming flow of 18.2 million gallons per day, and deploys ultrafiltration technology to remove unwanted particles from the water. Membrane systems such as this provide treated water that has been pushed through a thin membrane that removes solids and contaminants, resulting in water suitable for drinking.

Nearly 400 K-TORK rotary vane actuators were ordered from Rotork for the San Felipe Springs Water Treatment Plant to aid in the ultrafiltration process. These highly accurate and reliable units are to replaceSource: RotorkSource: Rotork existing actuators to ensure reduced maintenance and replacement costs. They are ideal for critical applications of this kind because of their high cycle and precise modulating output. The actuators do not need to convert linear motion to rotary motion, which means they offer true rotary control, and a direct drive design means K-TORKs provide accurate modulating specifications. The Rotork and K-TORK actuators were selected because of the benefits of reduced maintenance and lower replacement costs compared to their previous units, as well as the reliability of its products and support that Rotork can offer. The majority of the actuators have now been installed.

The actuators provide precise modulating for quarter-turn control valves with accuracy of 0.25% or better, feature a standard temperature rating of -20° C to +70° C (-0° F to +160° F) and have a working pressure 7 bar (100 psi) or 10 bar (150 psi) rating.

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