Intelligent Wellhead Systems (IWS) Inc., a supplier of digital technologies for improving oil and gas well completion operations, has announced that oil and gas company algorithms for improving completions can now be combined with hydraulic fracturing, wireline and pressure control job data to create customized workflows, threshold alerts and other analytical applications.

IWS’ InVision Technology Platform features a data acquisition and control system, dubbed iHub, which is digital technology infrastructure at the wellsite for hydraulic fracturing and wireline operations. The latest feature of the platform is its ability to leverage the iHub infrastructure provided by IWS to implement operator-driven analytics on the Edge or in the Cloud. The iHub reportedly delivers data acquisition, storage, bi-directional sync, Edge computing power and an open infrastructure to enable operators to deploy and implement their proprietary algorithms or digital workflows on the Edge or in the Cloud.

Source: IWSSource: IWS

VP of innovation Bob Duncan explained, “There is growing demand from E&P data science teams and completion engineers to implement their software developments on the Edge or in the Cloud. We now have a proven solution of equipment, infrastructure, and hands on the ground to make these implementations possible in a cost-effective manner.”

The InVision Technology Platform combines engineered safety controls, automated digital standard operating procedure compliance and Digital Handshake techniques to improve the safety and efficiency of hydraulic fracturing valve activation and wireline operations.

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