North American supplier of communications cables Superior Essex Communications has obtained UL verification under its own Sustainable Intelligent Building (SIB) platform for use of its PowerWise power over Ethernet (PoE) products for extended distance applications.

The company’s PowerWise 1G 4PPoE and 10G 4PPoE cables have received SIB 1G and SIB 10G UL verification, an objective, science-based assessment that confirms the accuracy of marketing claims. In the case of PowerWise 1 G and 10 G 4PPoE, the cable performance has been rigorously lab-tested by UL with its Bit Error Rate (BER) systems to provide verified distances for different applications, such as 100 MB, 1 GB and 10 GB data rates. This results in a copper communications cable that offers validated performance up to 160 m dependent upon application.

In addition, PowerWise 1 G and 10 G 4PPoE cables have been redesigned with a new heat transfer element to mitigate temperature build-up and offer exceptional energy efficiency and performance. When power is Source: Superior Essex CommunicationsSource: Superior Essex Communicationsdelivered over copper cabling, heat is generated due to the internal resistance of the conductors over the length of the cable. This results in a loss of energy at the powered device. The new design reduces heat build-up along the entire length of the cable for improved bandwidth and power efficiency.

PowerWise for extended distance applications delivers clear data and suitable power extending beyond 100 m, which provides substantial savings by eliminating additional telecom rooms. In addition, the 22 AWG copper conductors used with PowerWise cables provide the lowest insertion loss and voltage drop to become the most reliable cabling solution on the market.

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