Food and beverage manufacturing revolutionized humanity's relationship with food. Instead of labor intensive activities such as hunting, gathering, farming or bartering, finding dinner only requires a trip to the grocery store. (And maybe some intense family negotiating.)

But from beginning to end, food and beverage manufacturing is a unique engineering challenge.

Raw materials must be sourced globally, and then transported quickly and efficiently so the ingredients don't degrade. Actually making the food is equal parts manufacturing, chemistry and processing technologies. Layers of regulation mean this all must occur to the most stringent of hygienic standards. Last must not least, the food must be safely packaged to ensure inspection for things like produce or meat, or to lengthen shelf life for dry goods. And back into the supply chain the food goes.

Finally, consumer tastes are constantly changing, be it due to health trends, demographic needs or just fickle taste buds.

So, to salute the engineers and technologies that make food convenient, safe and scrumptious, here's a week of content to pay recognition.

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