A U.K. software startup has developed smart security trays for airports that enhance security and prevent the loss of luggage.

UtterBerry has developed the smart security trays using a combination of blockchain technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

Source: UtterBerrySource: UtterBerry

According to its developers, the smart tray features a smart card reader that is linked to a smart card issued to passengers at airport security kiosks and thus to any belongings that passengers place on those trays.

In addition to preventing the loss of luggage, the trays can also serve as another layer of security by analyzing the contents of the luggage on the tray using an X-ray interface. This reportedly improves the speed of airport security checks at airports and enhances border security.

UtterBerry is in the process of shopping the smart tray technology to airports throughout the U.K.

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