Process equipment manufacturer Gericke USA has unveiled the Feedos S line of ATEX-certified bulk material feeding systems. Developed to apply the company's highly accurate feeding and dosing system in explosion-hazard environments, the Feedos S feeders feature ATEX-certified motors, electrical components and load cells in a sealed, dust-tight design to eliminate the potential for ignition.

The ATEX feeders may be installed in ATEX zone 20 internal and zones 21 and 22 external in areas where an Source: Gericke USA,Source: Gericke USA,explosive atmosphere with a cloud of combustible dust is likely to occur or remain present continuously or for long periods of time during normal operation.

Designed to excel at feeding flow-resistant and free-flowing powders, granules and other dry, bulk materials, the ATEX-certified Feedos S automatically meters combustible materials through a proprietary rectangular helix feeding tool and chamber for constant product flow at high feed rates to nearly 20 ft3/hour with virtually no maintenance. The modular design allows complete external disassembly without tools while eliminating internal contact for added safety and complete cleaning. The Feedos S line of ATEX-certified feeders is available in hygienic and pharmaceutical designs for sanitary, explosive installations and may be tested in the company's New Jersey test laboratory.

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