Have you ever wondered what causes some cables to corkscrew inside cable carriers while others operate just fine? The answer lies within the cable's internal design.

Cables with layered conductors are more susceptible to corkscrewing. However, cables that have a bundled design are very difficult, if not impossible, to corkscrew thanks to the equal stress on the shorter conductor pitch.

All chainflex cables from igus are engineered to withstand continuous flexing and prevent corkscrewing. They're designed with individual conductors bundled into groups, which are cabled together in a single layer surrounding the cable core. This design enables pulling and compressive forces of the bending motion to balance and cancel out torsional forces. Special attention is given to pitch length and direction. The cable's inner jacket will also help to maintain the integrity of the cable core and provide a continuous surface for the shield.

Each cable also includes a high quality strain-relieving center element to protect twisted conductors from falling into the center of the cable.

To learn more about chainflex cable design or to request a free chainflex sample box, contact an igus expert here. You can also request a virtual tour of our in-house trade show booth to learn more about cable design and the various chainflex cables available.