Automation company READY Robotics has announced the launch of its READY Academy, an online educational platform where manufacturing professionals can learn how to design, deploy, manage and scale automation.

By offering resources for programming and deploying automation, READY Academy helps to solve a reported skilled labor shortage and the knowledge gap that have prevented widespread adoption of robotic automation.

READY Academy launched with more than 40 hours of educational videos with curriculum developed by robotics experts Kel Guerin and Jake Huckaby. READY Academy’s curriculum will focus on the full spectrum of automation, including project assessment, end-of-arm tooling, parts presentation, robot safety, no code robot programming, building machine tending tasks and more.

To ensure manufacturers everywhere can access the content, READY Robotics is working with MFG Works to make the full suite of READY Academy courses available to the MFG Works community. is a global online community for manufacturers to connect with each other, learn new skills and search for career opportunities.

By enabling anyone to learn the skills needed to design and deploy automation, READY Academy addresses the skilled labor shortage affecting manufacturing. No longer are manufacturers forced to select from a limited pool of workers only trained in robotics. With READY Academy, they can upskill their existing workforce to program robots and deploy automation.

Kel Guerin, co-founder and CTO of READY Robotics explained: “The skilled labor shortage limiting manufacturing productivity is expected to grow to 2.4M unfilled advanced manufacturing jobs by 2028, and the current educational system does not teach the advanced manufacturing skills needed. That is why we’re so proud to develop READY Academy and make it available for all individuals interested in upskilling or reskilling.”

“The future of U.S. manufacturing requires that we democratize automation, not only with easy-to-use technology like Forge/OS, but also by empowering workers to learn the skills needed to design and deploy automation,” continued Guerin.

For more information on the program, visit the Ready Robotics website.

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