Performance Motion Devices Inc. (PMD) announced the addition of Juno outer loop control ICs to the Juno family of velocity and torque control ICs, which provide functions for spindle control, centrifuge control, precision torque control and a wide variety of other liquid handling and laboratory automation applications. Juno outer loop control ICs are available in a 64 pin TQFP package measuring 12 mm x 12 mm.

The Juno outer loop control IC is a brand-new type of control IC that capitalizes on recent trends in digital logic integration and intelligent algorithm development. This IC is ideal for controlling pressure, temperature, liquid level, magnetic bearings, chemical reaction rate and other 'outer loop' quantities for medical, industrial and military applications.

Pressure feedback. Source: Performance Motion Devices Inc.Pressure feedback. Source: Performance Motion Devices Inc.

The figure above illustrates a typical application, in this case for a ventilator, where the speed of a brushless DC (BLDC) motor turbine directly affects the measured chamber pressure. A control host sends a stream of pressure commands to the Juno IC, which executes its outer loop function to maintain the desired pressure. The Juno Outer Loop Control IC monitors system parameters at up to 10 kHz, allowing it to tackle even the most demanding control applications.

"By integrating outer loop control with motor velocity and torque control functions, what previously may have required as many as three separate ICs can now be achieved in a single compact IC package,“ said Chuck Lewin, founder and CEO of PMD.

Features and benefits of Juno Velocity Control ICs include:

  • Three-phase brushless DC and DC brush control
  • Programmable outer loop and velocity loop functions
  • Deadband and biquad filtering
  • Field-oriented control (FOC) and current loop
  • High/low switching bridge amplifier control signals
  • Leg current sensing for minimum noise
  • Performance trace with filtering enables adaptive control

All Juno outer loop control ICs are available immediately. More information on Juno Velocity and Torque ICs is available here.

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