Figure 1: A 48 in box measured with the LDMD. Source: American Precision GaugeFigure 1: A 48 in box measured with the LDMD. Source: American Precision GaugeThe linear digital measuring device (LDMD) 3.0 was created as a solution for situations where no appropriate alternative existed. For years, providers of shafting, piping, tubing, wood products and other long length components had to rely on simple tape measures for cut-to-length operations, inspection and set up.

Even in today’s machine shop environments where 24 in to 60 in parts are commonplace, the need to inspect and verify on the floor persists. Yet, the typical caliper cannot meet the needs and few options were available, until now.

American Precision Gauge, LLC has created a low-cost, mid-range accurate measuring device to measure 48 in with accuracies of +/- .005 in, repeatable to .001 in. Using magnetic encoding technology combined with a long travel precision actuator device and sophisticated, but simple to operate, digital readout, American Precision Gauge has given industrial users a quick and accurate method of measuring long lengths, easily and, more importantly, accurately.

The versatility of the LDMD 3.0 does not stop with standard horizontal applications. When equipped with an optional locking brake feature, the LDMD 3.0 accurately measures vertical applications.

The LDMD 3.0 delivers clear, large digital information to the user in inch or metric, absolute or incremental modes, to measure inner diameters, outer diameters and lengths and bores. The LDMD 3.0 weighs less than 12 lbs and is handheld or can be bolted down for rigid installations.

End of arm tooling is reversible, adaptable and replaceable for quick tooling changes and custom adaptation according to application.

The LDMD 3.0 is rugged and made from custom-designed aluminum extrusion with a carriage and a digital display, riding on precision and ceramic coated aluminum shafting, which slides smoothly without distortion, creating a long length digital caliper for quality control, build in for setup gauge or touch off.

Each LDMD 3.0 display is battery operated using two AAA replaceable batteries, which means no cords to tangle or wires to interfere. Battery life is three years with standard usage and the batteries are replaceable with a simple screwdriver.

The digital display offers a fully programmable LCD single line data with inch or metric output capable of four decimal place resolution. The unit is operated in either absolute or incremental modes, and includes programmable offsets, reference set points, a sleep timer and a selectable direction travel feature. Any movement of the carriage awakens the display without position loss.

Each LDMD 3.0 is meticulously inspected using a laser interferometer for ultra-precise reporting. The LDMD 3.0 is not calibrated but correlated. Each LDMD 3.0 comes with an error report showing exactly where an error has occurred, allowing for field error compensation. Each LDMD 3.0 is delivered with a certificate of conformance, assuring customers of accuracies within .005 in.

American Precision Gauge has created and built several versions of the LDMD, including the ultra-precise linear scale with DRO, the LDMD 2, specifically for round type products with a separate DRO. These devices proved to be accurate and reliable. The shortcomings included the cost, the need to have 110 V AC nearby and transportability. Each of the previous LDMD’s needed to be fully supported, mounted to a rolling table with a precision top. As such, making the units transportable came at a significant cost.

The new LDMD 3.0 addresses many of those cost, transportability and wire management issues. Made lightweight with user replaceable AAA batteries, robust for industrial usage with consistent material throughout for stability, easy to use with clear digital output and with minimal training required to operate with no Vernier lines to mis-read. Programming along with end of arm tooling is simple and offers users great flexibility and application adaptability.

To learn more about American Precision Gauge, LLC and their line of LDMDs, go to their website or call 714-340-0580.