What happens when a precision Zygo laser interferometer is dropped from a forklift? Will it survive? Watch the video to see what happens!

While dropping a precision interferometer isn't part of our routine testing procedure, we created this video to make a point. In addition to being high-precision measuring instruments that are designed and built to stringent performance specifications, Zygo laser interferometers are built tough to help ensure reliable performance, day-in, day-out.

Industry standard

Zygo has been manufacturing laser interferometers for nearly 50 years, and they have earned their reputation as the industry standard for optical testing. Our interferometer products are trusted by optical manufacturers worldwide to provide the reliable measurement data needed to ensure the optical components and assemblies they produce meet specification.

Why we're different

Few companies in the world excel at both optics and metrology, but Zygo does. In addition to laser interferometers, we design and manufacture high precision non-contact 3D optical surface profilers that are relied upon in a spectrum of industries and applications to provide critical nano-scale surface topography data. In the optics arena, Zygo designs and manufactures high-precision optical components and assemblies that serve in the world's most challenging applications and environments. In fact, there are currently more Zygo-manufactured optical assemblies in low-earth orbit than any other provider.

Core Competencies and Values

Zygo's competencies and success stem from the core values embedded in the DNA of the company – a passion for precision, an obsession with quality, integrity in customer relationships and pride in everything we do. Our passion for innovation is evidenced by approximately 750 patents awarded since the Company's founding.