Hammel’s newest Red Giant features several modifications. Now available as their standard VB 950 model shredder, the newest model is equipped with a redesigned discharge conveyor belt, the latest generation hydraulic system and reduced engine speed.

An engine speed of 1,800 rpm and the hydraulic system eliminate the need for a cooler that collectively provides for significant noise reduction. Powered by a 760 horsepower CATG C18 diesel engine, the shredder provides for a higher nominal torque when compared to previous models.

The increased height of the redesigned conveyor belt increases the amount of storage room available for shredded materials. The new unit is also easy to control as both shaft speed and reversing times can be adjusted while error messages are displayed in plain text.

The new shredder serves a wide range of field applications from shredding old and fresh wood, railway sleepers, industrial waste, aluminum profiles and light mixed scrap to car bodies and other uses.