The next generation of spacesuits designed for future missions was unveiled by Collins Aerospace Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp.

Collins Aerospace Systems collaborated on space programs from Apollo through the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station (ISS). The next-generation spacesuit is a forward-looking prototype designed with NASA and commercial customer applications in mind, including future lunar surface missions in partial gravity, orbital space station missions in microgravitiy and future exo-planetary missions.

Astronauts on the ISS currently use Collins Aerospace’s space suits, but the new suits will be different, with the addition of new carbon dioxide removal technology that gets regenerated while in use. The technology enables extended-duration missions, reduces dependency on resupply and reduces crew maintenance time.

The suits will also feature improved mobility to allow astronauts to traverse hazardous terrain, perform assembly tasks and examine, handle and collect geological samples from the surface. The torso of the new spacesuits will feature larger sizes to enable a larger anthropometric range to have an optimal fit without the use of any tools.

Additionally, more efficient motors and electronics reduce the size and weight of the spacesuits and have been upgraded with avionics and data capabilities built into the suits. The suits will also include advanced displays, voice-activated controls, real-time access to data and HD video recordings and communications capabilities.

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