The VCM-3X.2 cobot fastening system is a complete feed and drive package for manufacturers, adding advanced assembly capability to collaborative workspaces. The connected screw feeder system delivers one screw upon demand to the drive spindle for a repeatable fastening operation.

Set up is done through the included URCap plugin for a clean install. The product includes all items necessary to complete the fastener installation sequence with full process control data display.

The fasteners are bulk dumped into the Model 94 feeder system, which orients and delivers a single fastener per cycle. The feeder is connected to the VCM drive spindle via transfer tubing. The drive spindle installs one screw per location to a programmed torque and angle, for a qualified joining operation.

Features for the system include:

  • Easy teach positioning for fast set up
  • Complete process control through the included URCap
  • Clears part surface geometry with less motion
  • Fastener delivery confirmation sensor that ensure reliable operation
  • Direct faceplate mount for simple install
  • Close center of mass that minimizes the cantilever effect on robot sensors
  • Payload of 2.25 kg
  • Configurable for a wide range of fasteners including screws, nuts, bolts, pins and clips