Triumph Group, Inc. finalized two contracts with SNC-Lavalin valued at approximately $48 million to supply safety components at nuclear reactors in Ontario, Canada.

Darlington Nuclear Generating Stations. Image source: Ontario Power GenerationDarlington Nuclear Generating Stations. Image source: Ontario Power GenerationUnder the contracts, Triumph’s facility in Toronto will supply end fittings and shield plugs for the nuclear pressure vessels for all four of the Darlington nuclear generating stations reactors, located on the north shore of Lake Ontario. The components, in support of the Ontario Darlington Retube & Feeder Replacement program, will be delivered over the next seven years.

End fittings in nuclear reactors are generally made of stainless steel and provide surfaces by which to connect hoses. Shield plugs prevent radiation from leaking out of a reactor’s core through the end fittings.

The Darlington plant was commissioned in 1993. In October, the reactors in the plant began undergoing a $12.8 billion refurbishment, a project expected to last 10 years. About 60 companies that are based in or have facilities in Ontario are supplying components for the projects.

About 15% of Canada's electricity comes from nuclear power, with 19 reactors, mostly in Ontario, providing 13.5 GWe (gigawatt electricity) of power capacity.

Triumph’s Toronto unit has worked with Ontario Power Generation for 20 years, outfitting pressure vessel end fittings as nuclear power plants have been built across Ontario.

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