Southco has unveiled a flush-mount version of the popular E6 constant torque hinge. The E6-73 stainless steel constant torque hinge provides all the benefits of a torque hinge in a low-profile, corrosion-resistant package, making it an ideal solution for those who want to maximize safety, longevity and aesthetics. It also offers high torque for heavy-duty applications while maintaining its low profile. With all these benefits combined, the E6-73 flush-mount torque hinge provides a long-lasting solution for a variety of applications.

Safety is a top priority for these constant torque hinges, engineered to never slam shut, even when usersSource: SouthcoSource: Southco take their hands off them. This means fewer accidents, more convenience and a better feel when moving a panel. Additionally, the E6-73’s barrel down design reduces snag points and provides a continuous flat surface when the panel is closed.

Usually, the more complicated a design is, the more potential it has to fail. The E6-73 mitigates these concerns with a durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction that protects the internal mechanism from environmental wear and tear. It also boasts a 500h+ salt spray resistance. This lets the E6-73 withstand even the harshest conditions and maintain a high cycle life.

Finally, the E6-73 flush-mount torque hinge improves the aesthetic of any device it is used in. The barrel-down design keeps the hinge flush with the surface it is used on, providing a continuous flat surface. The hinge’s corrosion resistance also keeps it looking like new long into its lifespan. The torque hinge’s resistance also provides a higher quality feel for any panel it is used on, regardless of that panel’s weight. It guarantees smooth movement and eliminates gravity as a factor so users can access the panel in the way most convenient for them.

The hinge combines safety, durability and aesthetics into a convenient, low-profile package that is easy to integrate into a wide variety of designs. Corrosion resistance extends the hinge’s cycle life despite harsh conditions, and keeps it looking good throughout it. No matter the application, the E6-73 provides a solution that is built to last, and to look good while doing it.

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