A coffee blend developed by artificial intelligence (AI) has been introduced by a Helsinki, Finland-based coffee roastery.

According to its developers, the AI-developed coffee, dubbed “AI-conic,” was trialed at Helsinki’s Kaffa Roastery.

Developed jointly by Kaffa and AI consultancy firm Elev, the “AI-conic” coffee blend is an AI-selected mixture featuring four types of beans, including Brazil's Fazenda Pinhal as well as beans from Colombia, Ethiopia and Guatemala.

The researchers explained that the blend was developed using models similar to ChatGPT and Copilot, which automated a task traditionally performed manually by artisan professionals.

To accomplish this, the researchers fed descriptions of all of Kafffa’s coffee types and flavors to the AI model, instructing it to develop the new blend.

The AI was also tasked with creating the coffee’s package label as well as a detailed taste description, which calls AI-conic "a well balanced blend of sweetness and ripe fruit."

Following a blind test, the developers agreed that the AI-created blend was “perfect.”

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