Without question, e-mobility will be the largest technological disruption of this generation. That means that industries of all types — from power utilities, to electronics, materials, and more — must be thoughtful and proactive in their product development and innovation to fully support the societal move to low-emissions transportation.

Internal combustion engine (ICE)-only vehicles have clear expiration dates. Nearly all of the largest automotive markets have policies that will eliminate or curtail the sales of ICE-only vehicles with the next 20 years. That's effective from 2035 in the U.K., Japan, Canada, China and Italy. The United States will likely be patchwork for state-level adoption, but recently committed to drastically cutting ICE emissions by 2032. In Germany, Sweden and Denmark — its 2030. And Norway? They restrict new ICE cars beginning in 2025.

However, electric vehicles (EVs) still face hurdles in consumer adoption. Range limitations persist. Recharging remains inconvenient. An EV is typically more expensive than a comparable ICE vehicle. Regulatory agencies are seizing an opportunity to make vehicles safer than ever, adding technological complexity throughout the vehicle.
Almost all of these challenges require significant advancements in power and materials technology if those target dates are to be reached. And industry-leading suppliers like Boyd are helping to realize the e-mobility future.

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Boyd is the trusted global innovator of sustainable solutions that make eMobility customers’ products better, safer, faster and more reliable. Boyd's innovative engineered materials and thermal solutions advance their customers’ technology to enhance reliability and extend range for electric and autonomous vehicles and accelerate innovation in next-generation electronics and human-machine interface. Core to Boyd’s global manufacturing is a deep commitment to protect the environment with sustainable, scalable, lean, strategically located regional operations that reduce waste and minimize carbon footprint. Boyd empowers their employees, develop their potential and inspire them to do the right things with integrity and accountability to champion their customers’ success.

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