Keysight Technologies, Inc. has announced a real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA) solution that enables as much as 2 GHz RTSA bandwidth for use with the Keysight N9042B UXA Signal Analyzer — a software-based, RTSA solution that monitors satellite signals and interference.

Keysight’s N9042B UXA Signal Analyzer conducts continuous, gapless capture and analysis of elusive and transient signals with industry-leading optical data interface (ODI) streaming up to 2 GHz.

Source: KeysightSource: Keysight

The RTSA application software offers the following:

· Reduced analysis time: Keysight’s advanced field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology enables a multi-threaded and parallelized RTSA measurement up to 2 GHz bandwidth to minimize the time gap between processing/rendering and re-capturing signals. This reduces analysis time and improves the probability of intercept.

· Support for wide bandwidth analysis: With support for ODI streaming at up to 2 GHz to RAID storage, the Keysight RTSA test solution enables rapid, wide bandwidth streaming and capture of hours of signal recordings for analysis.

· Digital twin innovations: The RTSA solution can accelerate innovation via digital twins that speed design and testing of satellite payloads, lower prototyping costs and speed time-to-market.

· Runs on Keysight technology: The RTSA solution runs on the N9042B UXA Signal Analyzer, an analyzer/spectrum analyzer that tests millimeter-wave performance in 5G, satellite and radar.

For more information on the N9042B UXA Signal Analyzer, visit the Keysight website.

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