The first electric crate motor, the 100 kW CM100KW1, developed by U.K.-based Electrofit is a permanent synchronous magnet motor with a built-in inverter that significantly reduces cost and complexity of integration.

The motor can be used to drive an existing gearbox directly or has the option of being connected to an Source: ElectrofitSource: Electrofitoriginal equipment manufacturer (OEM) single-speed transmission. The configurable OEM motor and inverter assembly is supplied with a kit of components comprising a power cable (500 mm long), communications cable, coolant pipe connectors and motor installation instructions.

Electrofit can also provide a matched OEM single-speed transmission that is designed to sync perfectly with the motor. The motor and transmission combined will provide a front-wheel drive setup of 260 Newton-meters of torque.

Electrofit, a division of AEL Ltd, specializes in integrating genuine OEM parts into bespoke applications and solutions. Its engineers can supply the complete solution to enable the fitting of an OEM motor and inverter into sports cars, classic cars or commercial vehicles.

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