A centralized database recently launched by Global Data Vision is designed to enhance innovation and expand connections within the global standards community. The Global Directory was developed as an innovative platform for international organizations and is the world’s first central repository for industry-specific lab and testing services.

This worldwide database is intended to allow labs and testing facilities to share their offerings to a global audience, while allowing consumers and customers the ability to obtain essential information through an intuitive search engine. From a wealth of company and product services to an up-to-date platformSource: Global Data VisionSource: Global Data Vision containing standards, accreditation and certification-related information, users can expect to have ongoing access to the most current and centralized information. Customers will appreciate the convenience of utilizing keywords, international standards and geographical locations to search for the most suitable laboratories and industry-specific services.

“Global Data Vision is proud to launch The Global Directory. We have identified a void in the marketplace regarding the ability to find pertinent information within the lab and testing service space. We believe that The Global Directory will help alleviate this pain point across various industries while tying in the importance of industry standards and related accreditations and certifications. This platform will further provide labs with exposure on an international scale,” said CEO and president Lakshmy Mahon.

The Global Directory, which has already begun partnerships with key international organizations, meets World Trade Organization Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement transparency requirements.

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