Comau is expanding its product portfolio with the new N-220-2.7 (N-220), a 220 kg payload robot featuring a modular set up, direct kinematics, absolute calibration and enhanced algorithms. These characteristics deliver significant ease of use, straightforward integration and faster post-installation maintenance while ensuring precision, flexibility, repeatability and minimum backlash.

Comau’s new generation robot offers new levels of quality and supply chain flexibility in addition to cost-effective operation, as required by today’s high-growth market segments.

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The introduction of the more capable, flexible and effective N-220 will consolidate Comau’s position in the automotive industry while enabling the expansion in high-growth industry segments including metal, food and beverage, fulfillment and plastic and chemicals.

Nicole Clement, chief marketing officer, said: “This new generation robot, which strengthens our product portfolio, generates clear customer advantages thanks to its innovative design and state-of-the-art advanced robotics technology; thus allowing us to better target new, high-growth industry segments beyond traditional manufacturing, with the aim of enhancing cost-effective automation for businesses of all sizes.” Comau’s N-220 is available immediately on a worldwide basis.

Comau’s new N-220 industrial robot features an innovative architectural approach based on progressive modularity, component reduction, advanced motors and APC drivers. With its wide working area and performance level D cartesian safety features, the high payload (220 kg) robot is ideal for a vast range of industries including automotive, food and beverage, fulfillment and logistics, among others. It has a hollow forearm and an integrated application dressing. The N-220 robot also benefits from its use of direct kinematics, absolute calibration and evolved motion algorithms, all of which combine to deliver best-in-class repeatability and precision. Furthermore, the robot comes fitted with integrated forklift adapters and optional high-torque washers for automatic anchoring base fixing, easier relocation and faster installation.

The first of a new generation of six-axis articulated robots, N-220 addresses the specific market need for cost-effective and easy to integrate robotics that also deliver high-speed industrial performance. The holistic design and modular architecture of the N-220 also make it easier to install, use and maintain.

Manufactured at the Comau headquarters in Grugliasco (Torino), Italy, using a state-of-the-art robotic assembly line, it automates assembly, spot welding, packaging and material handling operations, in addition to continuous process applications such as 3D printing and gluing. Comau’s e-Motion software algorithm improves cycle time, motion quality and path control. Thanks to the use of a nitrogen balancing system on axis 2 and larger stroke-ends on axis 3, the N-220 enjoys increased agility and a wide backward working area that is ideal for bending and handling applications. And because the N-220 uses only two motor sizes and a single oil type, replacing a faulty motor becomes quick and easy.

An additional benefit of the simplified, modular architecture is easier overall maintenance and improved Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) due to a 50% reduction of robot componentry. Recognizing that the integration speed has a direct impact on production potential, the N-220 implements Nodal speech-based coding language for open, easy programming. The easy dressing solution is made of two separate, flexible harnesses (robot and application power supply) that facilitate an easy and fast upgrade, or replacement. Similarly, the direct assembly between the motor and gearbox simplifies mechanical transmissions and minimizes power loss and backlash, thus increasing efficiency and reducing consumption.

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