Scientists from the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) have developed a shape-shifting drone.

The Midair Reconfigurable Quadcopter from UC Berkeley's High Performance Robotics Laboratory (HiPeRLab) is capable of shape-shifting mid-air thanks to passive actuated hinges. According to its developers, the hinges fold inward when the drone’s rotor stops or reverses, and outward when the drone’s rotor is powered up.

Source: UC Berkeley High Performance Robotics Laboratory (HiPeRLab)Source: UC Berkeley High Performance Robotics Laboratory (HiPeRLab)

The quadcopter is reportedly able to maintain stable flight when folding any two of its arms using its passive actuated hinges, enabling the drone to take on an assortment of shapes.

The Midair Reconfigurable Quadcopter can reconfigure itself to squeeze through narrow openings, grasp objects and perch on hanging wires such as power lines.

For more information on the Midair Reconfigurable Quadcopter, watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of UC Berkeley's HiPeRLab.

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