A new technology from Innovative Automation called RoboTape features a cut-to-length automation platform that allows for continuous feeding of material from level-wound spools. With RoboTape, one roll of foam can easily be converted into any number of custom lengths during the application process. The main benefit is that it reduces inventory and overall material costs and allows for quick on-the-fly adjustments of lengths to satisfy any requirements.

This automated platform is entirely flexible to the user’s needs as it relies solely on programming to position and apply the tape for complicated tasks like curvature, 3D geometry and in multiple segments. These types of processes done traditionally are very challenging when performed manually.

RoboTape standalone models are the most cost-effective solution and feature a small footprint as well as a very simple installation into existing processes. These models can also be retrofitted onto existing machinery due to their flexible design and structure. For example, typical formats for these models include dial tables, pallet conveyors, trunnions and robotic cells. Tape automation platforms like RoboTape are also known to help solve labor shortages and even increase quality in mass production scenarios. For those in the market for automating industrial taping procedures, be sure to check out RoboTape and similar platforms for reducing capital costs and increasing ROI.

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