System architects seeking backup power using supercapacitor or other energy sources can now deliver the best combination of highest efficiency and smallest size with the Continua MAX38889 2.5 V to 5.5 V, 3 A reversible buck/boost regulator from Maxim Integrated Products Inc. The latest addition to Maxim’s Continua family of backup regulators delivers the industry’s tightest output regulation of 2.5% to support critical applications that demand high accuracy.

The MAX38889 features 94% peak efficiency, 9% higher than the closest competitive solution, allowing it to support longer backup time. Additionally, at one-third the size, it enables easier integration into space-constrained designs.

In applications such as smart utility meters or automotive dashboard cameras, the MAX38889 Continua regulator operates in buck mode to charge a backup power source, such as a supercapacitor. When main power goes away, the regulator reverses direction automatically, boosting the supercapacitor voltage to power the system, until main power is restored.

Source: Maxim Integrated Products Inc.Source: Maxim Integrated Products Inc.

For convenient adoption, the entire MAX38889 solution is 64% smaller than the closest competitor (218 mm2 versus 606 mm2), allowing designers to reduce component count, cut board space and save bill of material cost. Smaller size also makes it easier to integrate into new and existing designs with tight space constraints. The MAX38889 regulates backup power for a wide range of both portable and non-portable applications, such as retail price scanners and surveillance cameras, and others used in home, building, automotive, industrial automation and healthcare internet of things.

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