Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is going full throttle – increasing connectivity, generating data and unlocking potential like never before. Now it’s time to capitalize on the full power of this data to fuel innovation, drive new opportunities and accelerate your smart manufacturing transformation.

By extracting real value from data, manufacturers can make accurate predictions about component life, replacement requirements, energy efficiency, utilization and other factors that have direct impacts on production capacity, throughput, quality, sales, customer acceptance and overall efficiency.

Low cost sensors and new wireless connectivity tools enable manufacturers to employ digital analytics more effectively than ever before. With the right tools, they can gather, cleanse, process and visualize massive amounts of data from disparate sources that cover all phases of the product life cycle, from product design to warranty claims.

Named a Top Innovator for Data Analytics in Manufacturing by ABI Research, Altair has spent more than 30 years helping our customers transform product design and decision making by applying simulation, data analytics and optimization throughout product lifecycles. Our teams understand the complexities of enterprise manufacturing operations and data analytics.

Using our deep expertise in manufacturing and machine learning, we’ve developed solutions to enable people of all skill levels to easily build analytical applications with our low-code platform to support faster, more effective decision making.

Explore how Altair enables enterprises to leverage operational data throughout the complete data lifecycle – from the shop floor to the top floor – for increased value and reduced risk with a comprehensive self-service data analytics and machine learning platform.

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