An agricultural robotics startup has developed an autonomous artificial intelligence (AI)-driven robot to assist with crop-picking and other farming tasks.

California-based Future Acres has developed its aptly named “Carry” robot to travel alongside farmers and those picking crops, carrying crops and functioning as an autonomous harvesting assistant.

According to Future Acres, the all-terrain, all-weather wheeled robot can transport 500 lb of hand-picked crops, thereby reducing the physical toll on human workers having to perform the same back and forth task of transporting crops.

Reportedly, automating this task will result in a 30% increase in production efficiency, according to Carry’s developers. Additionally, the robot will reportedly help fill the void in the number of people performing farming tasks. The agricultural industry is suffering from a labor shortage that has been made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To see the Carry in action, watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of Future Acres.

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