For the first time, UAV operators get a plug-N-play UV camera, DayCor® micROM HD. All it takes is to mount the camera on the drone gimbal, plug in the connectors that enable the remote control of the camera, balance the camera and take off. Electrical utilities are aware already of the benefit in using corona cameras, and many of them use it already on their drones, but novice Drone companies who seek adding applications and value to their operation should consider adopting UV cameras.

One of the outstanding features of corona cameras is their ability to identify and pinpoint electrical faults, even of those that were hidden and unknown. This is attributed to corona cameras’ ability to sense and see ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet emission results from processes that develop in air near high voltage conductors where excessive unplanned electrical field builds up. Air losses its dielectric characteristics and for a short distance becomes conductive. The process is called ionization. Besides ultraviolet, during the ionization process additional phenomena concurrently happen: Ozon is created, nitric acid, RFI and noise is heard. DayCor cameras can see the invisible UV radiation and display it as a visible image. Furthermore, this camera pinpoints the emission and shows its exact location. As a result, fault investigation time gets shorter and inspection tasks are performed more efficiently.

Identifying faults with DayCor cameras is instantaneous. If there is a problem that involves corona, the camera will pick it up. micROM is a semiautomatic camera. It has an autofocus mode of operation, and once turned on it can start shooting video clips, storing and streaming them to external monitors. Maneuvering drones demands concentration and coordination. Therefore, an automatic camera is essential. It leaves operators concentrate in flight and not in the activating the camera. Nevertheless, additional functions are available and experienced drone operator can enjoy zooming, changing camera gain, changing corona color and more.