JMPP high-torque retention knobs. JMPP high-torque retention knobs. Tooling is a vital and often overlooked process in the production of automobiles, as every single part of a new car requires a unique tool. What if an invisible problem inherent to CNC manufacturing existed? What if an actual flaw in the tooling was robbing manufacturers of the ability to produce parts accurately, and interfering with production rates and cost containment? One of the major initiatives at the forefront of today’s automotive manufacturing community is to answer these challenging tooling cost containment questions.

JM Performance Products (JMPP) identified that the essential flaw, the invisible problem plaguing CNC manufacturers, is toolholder expansion. This expansion creates a bulge in the holder at the small end, causing the holder to make contact with the small end instead of the large end. This effectively reverses the way the toolholder is designed to fit the spindle, allowing the holder to move randomly within the spindle.

This movement results in a loss of contact between the spindle and the toolholder, and causes a laundry list of issues: vibration and chatter, excessive run-out, poor finishes, shortened tool life, high power consumption, excessive spindle wear, decreased speed and the need to reduce the depth of cuts.

By moving to high-torque retention knobs, CNC manufacturers can eliminate the vast majority of issues, improve milling operations and get the best results while saving money. Moreover, this solution creates opportunities for U.S. tool shops to grow along with their automotive OEM and Tier One customers in creating progressive tooling cost containment solutions.

JMPP guarantees the results on any V-flange toolholder that is made to the AT3 or better taper tolerances. More information is available from JMPP.

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