Kaeser Compressors' new HBS-series screw blowers deliver up to 5,650 cubic feet per minute at 15 psig, filling niche requirements of small- to mid-sized wastewater treatment plants, according to the manufacturer. The new HBS blower is a highly efficient air compressor that provides low-pressure, high-flow airflow for wastewater aeration and other low-pressure applications.

The new HBS series screw blowers are delivered as a completely assembled package, inclusive of inlet filters, silencers and a sound-proof enclosure. They are claimed to be up to 35% more efficient than conventional packages, important for applications where energy efficiency is critical.

The compressors feature Kaeser’s Sigma Profile air-end, zero-loss direct drive technology and a Sigma variable frequency drive. The package is stated to provide increased efficiency across a wider flow range when compared to conventional screw and turbo blowers.

The compressor also features Kaeser’s integrated intelligence package, Sigma Control 2, which allows users to troubleshoot fault messages, review operational data and view maintenance schedules on any PC.