Hoping to highlight the importance of clean water in the making of beer, Maumee Bay Brewing Co., has created an algae-like beer called “Alegae Bloom.”

Using Lake Erie as the source for the water used to create their collection of beers, Maumee Bay Brewing Co. created the murky, green brew to mimic the toxic algae overwhelming the shallowest of the Great Lakes each year, said brewery manager Craig Kerr.

"We're going to keep doing this until the algae bloom isn't there anymore," Kerr said. "The goal is to never make this beer again."

Maumee Bay Brewing Co. is joining a growing number of craft brewers concerned about protecting rivers, streams and other bodies of water at a time when clean water rules are being challenged by the current administration.

"We're reaching people where they drink," said Becky Hammer, of the Natural Resources Defense Council, who oversees the Brewers for Clean Water campaign, which has gone from a few dozen members to almost 100 in just the past five years.

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