The Kenmode team has extensive experience providing medical stampings for the medical device industry. As an ISO 13485 certified metal stamping company, we understand the strict standards of the industry and ensure that each part will meet or exceed those standards.

Our large engineering and design team assist in part design and prototypes for testing and parts validation. We then help translate that knowledge into precise production tooling solutions. Our automated in-line inspection and tooling technology and rigorous process controls enable us to produce a range of medical stampings from micro-miniature parts to larger components and assemblies.

Kenmode produces a wide range of precision metal stampings for the medical device industry, including components requiring extremely complex geometries and assemblies with zero defects. Micro-miniature parts, insulin pumps, implantable devices, surgical devices including endoscopic, laparoscopic, and others.

Kenmode provides comprehensive metal stamping services from custom design and rapid prototyping through in-house tooling, production, and assembly with specific capabilities beneficial for medical stamping applications:3D tool design, in-house tool build, precision metal stamping, 3D high-speed hard milling, EDM machining and exporting. Kenmode has experience working with a wide range of materials, especially those most often used by the medical device industry: stainless steel, titanium, MP35N, platinum, iridium, niobium, tantilum, aluminum, and copper.

Kenmode utilizes advanced technology to streamline metal stamping processes and achieve its goal of zero defects. We are one of the largest Bruderer and Minster shops in North America with high-speed precision presses, in-die protection systems, and in-die technology that creates a knife edge eliminating secondary operations. At Kenmode, our focus is on making the complex simple.