In news that will likely change the face of the traditional car trip, Hyundai has revealed first-of-its-kind technology that will enable passengers in the same car to listen to different music, all at once.

The technology, dubbed Separated Sound Zone (SSZ), will allow passengers a headphone-free experience by creating and controlling acoustic fields in the car. Such a feat will allow passengers to hear different sounds such as hands-free phone calls, vehicle alerts and even music, without disturbing others outside of their "zone."

To operate, each passenger will be able to connect their smartphone to the audio system via Bluetooth, enabling them to play whatever song they want, which is funneled into their zone in the car, all without being overheard by or interrupting the music of other passengers.

For now, it seems that the zones are distinguished by front and back. However, it is likely that future versions of such technology will one day enable passengers in the front seat (driver and front seat passenger) to listen to different music as well.

Hyundai expects the technology to be available in its cars within the next couple of years.

Watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of Hyundai.

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