A system for collecting data concerning travel behaviors developed by University of Minnesota Associate Professor Yingling Fan will soon be available for purchase as an app called Daynamica.

According to a statement on Daynamica’s website: “Daynamica™ is an innovative, research-grade smartphone application that collects and processes highly detailed human activity and travel behavior data with minimal user burden, and allows users to view and annotate that data at their convenience. It delivers richer, more accurate data than existing solutions more efficiently, and at lower cost.”

According to Fan, Daynamica collects and processes detailed data concerning information about how people get around — walking, driving, biking and public transportation. Combining that information with smartphone GPS sensing and advanced statistical and machine-learning techniques, the app is able to detect, identify and summarize characteristics detailing daily activity and travel periods.

“All of these factors are critical for understanding people’s travel choices,” Fan said. “Daynamica gives us the best of both worlds: It captures many more dimensions of travel behavior data than either GPS sensing or travel surveys can do alone.”

“The work of Dr. Fan and her colleagues is a perfect example of the opportunities to use research to create products and outcomes that support practitioners in building healthy communities,” said Associate Dean Carissa Slotterback. “Her work has also connected to classes, creating opportunities for students to work at the forefront of transportation data and technology.”

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