Small-bore tubing awareness twin ferrule. Source: SAFER TrainingSmall-bore tubing awareness twin ferrule. Source: SAFER TrainingOn-site low energy gauging (OLEG) is a unique, patented technology being developed to reduce hydrocarbon leaks and associated human factor issues from the single largest contributor to process containment losses in offshore oil and gas infrastructure: small-bore tubing assemblies.

There are over 45 million small bore tubing assemblies installed in U.K.’s North Sea alone. Just over a quarter of these systems have the potential to leak and 20 percent of reported offshore hydrocarbon leaks emanate from these small bore tubing assemblies. Furthermore, 11 percent of those leaks are classified as major severity events.

OLEG technology is being developed by Paragon Inspection Limited to address these process containment losses. They are one of three finalists in The Oil & Gas Technology Centre TechX Pioneering Program. They will receive additional funding, business development training and mentorship over a 12-month timeframe.

OLEG is a solution that reduces leaks, risks and downtime of offshore infrastructure. The increased reliability of their small bore tubing inspection system helps identify incorrectly fitted equipment and reduces human factor issues, which are the most widespread operational causes of leaks in small bore tubing assemblies.

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