Two-thirds of American adults are at least somewhat supportive of a mandate requiring that new homes be fitted with solar panels, according to a Morning Consult poll published July 5.

The poll sampled 2,201 adults from around the United States, and weighted the results to approximate a target sample based on age, gender, education, region and ethnicity. Of those polled, 31 percent strongly supported a mandate in their home state, while 32 percent were “somewhat supportive.” The highest levels of support among demographics came from those aged 20-29 and politically liberal-leaning respondents.

Morning Consult’s poll also included a follow-up question about California’s recent mandate that most new homes in the state be fitted with solar panels by 2020. This question notably laid out costs and benefits, stating that “[The California Energy Commission] estimates that the mandate will add about $40 to homeowners’ average monthly mortgage payment on a 30-year mortgage, while saving consumers $80 on monthly energy costs. Would you support or oppose this action in your own state?”

Responses to this question were similar, with 31 percent strongly supporting and 34 percent somewhat supporting.

Source: Morning ConsultSource: Morning Consult

Morning Consult appended the two questions to a mid-June national tracking poll. The other 14 questions on the poll asked about respondents’ opinions on theme parks and vacations.

The market intelligence company conducted a larger poll about solar installations in May. That poll found that 58 percent of the 2,201 respondents would consider installing solar panels on the homes, with 22 percent answering “No” and 20 percent answering “Don’t know / No opinion.” Saving money on energy bills was the most-selected reason for considering a solar installation, followed by positive benefits for the environment, self-reliance for household energy and increasing property values.

Of those unwilling to consider an installation, high upfront costs was selected as the primary reason.