For travelers flying into and out of Singapore’s Cahngi Airport, there is no need to worry about getting lost in the endless sea of terminals and subsequently missing or delaying a flight thanks to facial recognition software being tested at that facility.

Calling the technology a boost to the safety and security of the airports’ passengers, mounted cameras on lampposts throughout the airport can be used for tracking the faces of passengers registered in a database. However, Changi’s Chief Information Officer Steve Lee insists that the move is not about being “big brother.”

“We have lots of reports of lost one possible use case we can think of is, we need to detect and find people who are on the flight. Of course, with permission from the airlines," said Lee.

Lee believes that the technology will one day serve to make travel much more efficient, potentially eliminating wait times and the length of lines.

"Today you take passport, you show your face and you show your boarding pass. Then actually in the future, you just take your face. You don’t need your passport," Lee said.

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