Ensuring its place as a world leader in facial recognition technology, law enforcement officials in China demonstrated their facial recognition technology heft when they recently located and arrested a concert-goer in a crowd of 60,000 other concert goers.

The 31-year-old suspect, identified only as Mr. Ao, attended popstar Jacky Cheung’s concert in Nanchang city last weekend despite being wanted for “economic crimes.”

The suspect was eyed by cameras equipped with facial recognition technology stationed at the concert entrance. Once seated, Mr. Ao was apprehended by police.

“The suspect looked completely caught by surprise when we took him away," said police officer Li Jin.

"He didn't think the police would be able to catch him from a crowd of 60,000 so quickly," Mr. Li, from Honggutan police station in Nanchang city, added.

This is not the first demonstration of China’s facial recognition savvy. Last year, 25 suspects attending an international beer festival in Shandong province were identified (and arrested) using facial recognition technology.

With an estimated 170 million CCTV cameras already in place, many of which use AI and facial recognition technology, China has been building what it calls "the world's biggest camera surveillance network."

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