ASource: AbradoSource: Abradon expandable dual-string casing section-milling tool was used to successfully plug and abandon a well in the Gulf of Mexico. It was powered by a mud motor for truly rigless operation.

Abrado utilized a mud motor to power its patented Medusa™ VS “Variable Stabilized” cutting tool. They used it to successfully section-mill 100 feet of a 7.625-inch OD casing inside of a 10.75-inch OD casing and then polished the inner diameter of the 10.75-inch casing, enabling the operator to set an inflatable packer. They placed cement above the packer as a barrier for permanent plug and abandonment of the well.

A 4.75-inch OD mud motor rotated the Medusa™ VS expandable dual-string casing section-milling tool. The rigless plug and abandonment procedure helped operators successfully avoid the cost of having a rig on location. Jason Parrish Abrado, senior vice president, said, “Combining a mud motor with world-leading Medusa section milling technology had never been attempted before and its success on this rig-less P&A project enabled the operator to save an estimated $6 million to $7 million by not having to mobilize a powered swivel or rig for this rig-less operation.”

Medusa™ VS cutting technology meets the need for single-trip section milling, saving operators time and money. The Medusa™ self-centralizes inside the string of casing, allowing operators to perform section milling of windows and guaranteeing that the outer casing string is left unharmed, even when the casing strings are eccentric.

Medusa™ VS cutting technology benefits include:

  • Patented design for casing sizes 7 inches up to 30 inches
  • Single trip completion
  • Multifaceted tool
  • Blade lengths can be manufactured specifically for long window lengths of 100 feet plus
  • Robust tool designs and high tensile strengths for deep water applications
  • Custom designs available to fit specific needs