Engineers need to be precise, accurate and perfect on almost every job they work on. But sometimes they don’t get it quite right. Below are 10 of the funniest engineering fails to brighten up your Monday morning.

1. Bridge over troubled pavement?

(Blogspot/Construction Fails)(Blogspot/Construction Fails)

Clearly, the engineer of this bridge didn’t think it all the way through. Maybe they just wanted to provide pool goers with a fun passage to the other side of this pavement?

2. Escalator Limbo


Maybe this engineer’s measuring tape was broken? You would have to do some serious crouching to get up this escalator.

3. Throne Meant for a King?


Maybe the engineer involved really has a flair for the dramatic, or an obsession with thrones. Whatever it is, this definitely could have been scaled back a bit. Who need 3 steps to get to the toilet? Let alone 3 giant steps!

4) Stairway to… A Hole in the Door


Stairs, bad measurements, or do you think they wanted to have a ledge near their door? This one is very confusing, how did it go so wrong?

5) Kind of Wheelchair Friendly


At least they are trying to be wheelchair accessible? This is definitely not a usable ramp, but "A" for effort.

6) A Really Special Window

(Source: Maelman/Imgur)(Source: Maelman/Imgur)

Maybe this person made a special request to have a side window? Or they forgot to add all the other windows?

7) ATM for Giants Only


There is a possibility that this engineer is just a really tall person who was sick of having to bend down to use an ATM. But it looks like they are going to have to install some stairs so average height people can use it.

8) Elastagirl’s Toilet

(Source: Imgur)(Source: Imgur)

You’re going to need stretchable arms like Elastagirl to reach the toilet paper holder on this toilet!

9) Stairs to Nowhere

(Source: Imgur)(Source: Imgur)

I want to give whomever came up with this the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the railing on this staircase was supposed to be a gate and not a railing. But that wouldn’t explain why the staircase leads right into a wall…

10) I Don’t Want to Tell Them

(Source: Imgur)(Source: Imgur)

How is it that six people haven’t realized how crooked this is? Or maybe they are the ones there to fix it. I can’t imagine anything is going to run on this track if it isn’t fixed ASAP.

Hopefully, this list of fails has put a smile on your face on a Monday. And hopefully, better engineers fixed these mistakes as soon as possible! Which one made you laugh? Let me know in the comments!