A major revision to ASTM International's Specification for Fuel Oils (D396) will soon be published as D396-15a. Fuel oils of B6-B20 grade (that is, 6 volume percent to 20 volume percent biodiesel) covered by D396 are used every day to heat homes, produce hot water, and are used in industrial boilers and burners.

“At the most fundamental level, production, marketing and use of any fuel begins with knowing the physical and chemical properties needed for the fuel to work as expected in the applications or equipment it is intended for," says ASTM member Steve Howell. “This updated standard now provides that crucial information for fuel producers and sellers, equipment companies and end consumers of B6-B20 fuel oils."

ASTM says the revised standard will have many benefits:

• Producers will know the list of properties needed to produce an acceptable fuel;

• Marketers and dealers will better understand how to identify and purchase a quality fuel to resell to their customers;

• Equipment companies will use the fuel properties to design and optimize equipment to burn the fuel;

• Customers and everyday consumers will be more empowered to buy or require high quality fuels. In addition, they will be able to test their purchases to ensure specification compliance.

Agencies such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) could find the revised standard valuable in regulations related to fuel quality, the environment and tax policy, says Howell.

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