A solar carport in Dublin, Calif., will not only provide energy to its neighboring office building, but also is expected to pay for itself in less than five years, saving the company more than $2.7 million during the life of the system. In addition, LEDs are attached to the carport, providing superior lighting in normally dark, cavernous locations.

Cool Earth Solar, a SunPower Commercial Dealer, built the The Helix Carport, a 196-kilowatt high-efficiency solar power system. It is the solar industry's only fully-integrated carport solution. Designed to help customers monetize spaces such as parking lots, such carports help businesses take advantage of the solar tax credit, reduce their electricity bills and free up capital. With fully-integrated high efficiency solar panels that maximize energy production, the solution helps effectively reduce energy costs and save more money over the long term.

Last month, the International Energy Agency reported that solar power grew faster than any other source of fuel for the first time in 2016, and suggested solar technology will lead renewables in the years ahead. In addition, the IEA noted that expect that growth in solar photovoltaic capacity growth will be higher than any other renewable technology through 2022.