Expecting a package and can’t be home in time for delivery? No problem thanks to a new service from Amazon where Amazon couriers can unlock your door and safely leave packages in your home.

The service, called Amazon Key, works using Amazon’s new Cloud Cam and a compatible smart lock. The camera connects to the internet through your home Wi-Fi and communicates with the lock using Zigbee (wireless protocol used by some home devices).

Upon arrival, the Amazon courier scans the package barcode and awaits approval from Amazon’s Cloud. Once approved, the camera starts to record the transaction and the courier receives an app prompt and swipes the screen, thereby unlocking the door.

Once the transaction is complete, another swipe of the device locks the door and the customer is notified that the package has been delivered along with a short video of the transaction.

With a price tag of $249.99 that includes the smart lock, the camera and installation, the service can be yours on November 8.

To see the Amazon Key in action, watch the accompanying video.

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