The temperature and humidity sensor. Source: OneEventThe temperature and humidity sensor. Source: OneEvent

OneEvent Technologies has added a new humidity and temperature sensor to its multi-sensor OnePrevent monitoring system.

The system is a cloud-based analytical engine that uses data collected by wireless sensors to determine what’s normal within a building or home environment. The system can be used in commercial or residential settings as a preventive system much the same way fire and burglary alarms are installed.

The new humidity and temperature multi-sensor is suitable for most harsh areas where accuracy is of utmost importance. The radio board interface allows the OneEvent transmitter to share environmental data with the OneEvent gateway for predictive analysis, health checks and mobile client notification.

The sensor can be used in commercial server rooms to track and get alerts for high temperature or humidity levels; in residential properties suffering from moisture buildup in basements and seasonal temperature variations; in indoor pool areas that are at high risk for irregular humidity and temperature; in apartment complexes to address energy usage and tenant comfort; or in restaurant cooking areas where the sensor can identify fires.

The device features a temperature range of negative -40° C to 85° C, transmits every 180 seconds, is tamperproof and can run on batteries for about 10 years.

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