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Proppants have a tough job. They must retain fracture width and height, and provide sufficient conductivity to the fracture in downhole application conditions. How they do their job depends on their environment.

Unconventional wells, with their thin fractures, minimize proppant pack height and increase the pressure on the proppant bed. In such thin layer/monolayer conditions, only the highest strength and quality proppants have sufficient strength to maximize well production output.

Recently, Saint-Gobain Proppants introduced the Well Worth It ExperienceTM, a well performance tracking tool that offers an in-depth look at production and completion data from wells across the United States. You can easily compare wells in your area to ensure that you are maximizing the potential of your well.

This case study provides a glimpse into the Well Worth It ExperienceTM and how it takes well analysis to the next level, with not just production analysis, but also cash flow and completion fluid analysis. With this robust, new tool, it is easy to make an informed decision regarding the proppant used in your well.
You decide which proppant is worth it.

Enjoy the experience for free: wellworthit.drillbox.co/signup