Image Credit: McElroy Manufacturing, Inc.Image Credit: McElroy Manufacturing, Inc.McElroy Manufacturing’s ACROBAT 180 pipe fusion machine is a versatile system that fuses 63 to 180 mm pipe in confined spaces. It is designed to aid field workers when replacing conventional piping systems with thermoplastic piping.

The economic system includes a fusion machine, facer, heater, insulated heater stand, facer stand, and either a DynaMC® or Acrobat HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit). The base plate is removable, allowing the unit to easily accommodate field operations in restricted areas, such as in-ditch welding.

McElroy’s innovative pipe fusion equipment is efficient and produces consistent butt fusion joints that are leak-free and corrosion-resistant. Their equipment that has been renowned for reliability, efficiency and ruggedness is now offered in a compact, economical package.