Sierra Nevada Corp.’s (SNC) Space Systems and German-based OHB System AG announced the completion of the Dream Chaser for European Utilization (DC4EU) study, co-funded by the Space Administration and German Aerospace Center (DLR) and OHB.

The study looked at the feasibility of using SNC’s Dream Chaser spacecraft for various missions, including applications for crewed and un-crewed flights to low-Earth orbit for missions such as microgravity science, satellite servicing and active debris removal (ADR).

“The inherent design advantages of the Dream Chaser reusable lifting body spacecraft make it an ideal vehicle for a broad range of space applications,” says Dr. Fritz Merkle, member of the Executive Management Board of OHB AG.

He says that study results confirm the viability of using the spacecraft for microgravity science and ADR. "DC4EU can benefit the entire international space community with its unique capabilities,” he adds. “

The DC4EU study is SNC’s first contracted international effort to look into capabilities of the Dream Chaser vehicle.

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