The ZAG line of touring skis will feature a touch of green this season. The cross-country skis are being produced for the first time using a bio-based epoxy called GreenPoxy from resin manufacturer Sicomin of France.

GreenPoxy 33 will be used to produce ZAG skis. Source: Sicomin/Julien FerrandezGreenPoxy 33 will be used to produce ZAG skis. Source: Sicomin/Julien FerrandezZAG made the switch from the petroleum-based SR8500 epoxy, also from Sicomin, in an effort to boost its sustainable production practices. ZAG specified Sicomin’s GreenPoxy 33, a clear system formulated for compression molding techniques. The resin contains 35% plant and vegetable matter and is part of Sicomin’s GreenPoxy line of products that range from 28-51% bio-based content.

The company says its GreenPoxy line is certified by the American BETA laboratory and French CNRS and tested in accordance with Carbon 14 measurements (ASTM D6866 or XP CEN/TS 16640).

Bastien Saillard, ZAG’s director of research and development, says the skis have been tested in a variety of terrain including glacier, powder, hard pack, and melting snow and performed just as well as the previous epoxy versions.

ZAG skis are produced by Meditec of Tunisia, a manufacturer of outdoor and board sports equipment. Meditec also uses Sicomin's GreenPoxy resin systems to manufacture its Nidecker brand of snowboards.

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