There is an increasing trend in the assembly industry: fully automatic assembly is taking a backseat to intelligent manual work stations. Now, manual work stations are flexible and can be adapted to any order situation: during lean times, production can be reduced without problems and without having high system amortization payments, and in good times there are no limits with the option of expansion by adding additional manual work stations. DEPRAG just introduced a new item into its program of intelligent, manual work stations, the DEPRAG Feed Module (DFM). This new screwdriving unit further increases processing reliability in the industrial assembly of serial products and optimizes cycle times. The DEPRAG Feed Module facilitates the screw assembly of components with complicated external geometries such as rounded housings and difficult to reach screw positions such as deep recessed screw holes. Even components which require a nut rather than a screw as the joining element, can now be fed and assembled reliably with the DEPRAG Feed Module.